The Initiative

The Hot Potato Initiative (legally the Hot Potato Initiative Foundation) is a non-profit organization working to destigmatize homelessness in Canada and inspire citizens to take action. Founded in September 2016, the movement has since grown to a team of more than fifty high school students and over 1700 likes on Facebook. Recognizing that homelessness is a severe problem not only in Vancouver but also the rest of Canada, The Initiative’s team is actively working on a national expansion strategy to bring the movement to cities across the country.

The Initiative is led exclusively by passionate high-school students in the Lower Mainland, as the team believes that it is incalculably important for the youth of this generation to grow up cognizant of social injustices, and instilled with the values of social stewardship and responsibility. In doing so, The Initiative hopes to shape tomorrow’s leaders, visionaries, and changemakers by empowering them with an opportunity to take action for what they believe in — because they are the same young leaders who will stand up, stand out, and stand for something.