Hot Potato Runs

By facilitating the preparation and distribution of baked potatoes to residents of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside in monthly Hot Potato Runs, The Initiative hopes to make a small difference in the lives of homeless Canadians by alleviating pressing hunger.

Potatoes are obtained for relatively little cost, efficiently prepared in large batch quantities, and hygienically distributed en-masse — all while serving as a healthy food. Furthermore, baking is the best method to prepare the potatoes with nutrient-retention in mind, and offering something as simple as a warm meal can uplift spirits and make all the difference.

Social Media

As a youth-led movement, The Hot Potato Initiative is intimately aware of the critical importance social media plays in reaching an audience of not only the peers of its young leaders, but Canadians across the country from coast to coast. Its considerable media campaigns actively work to inspire continuous activism and demand for a solution while promoting sweeping socioeconomic reform.

By engaging the public with short biographical stories of the marginalized citizens we encounter, in the form of “Humans of New York” photos and video interviews, the project hopes to give them a voice and show everyday Canadians that the people who are forced to live on the streets aren’t so different from themselves. This is the part of the movement where the team will work to eliminate the stigma and make abundantly clear: homelessness is not a hot potato.

School Network

Finally, The Hot Potato Initiative School Network Programme, currently comprising a team of over forty student ambassadors across twenty high schools in the Lower Mainland, engages youth within their school communities. These young ambassadors promote the organization and its mission through social media, word-of-mouth, and outreach.