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Aside from the occasional front-page article, homelessness is an issue we hear one day and forget about the next. The looming crisis is tossed around as a societal “hot potato”, constantly ignored and passed to those next in line. If citizens share the mindset that it is always someone else’s problem to deal with, who is left to step up for those who desperately need change?

The less fortunate are not degenerates or “bums” and the toxic stigma surrounding the homeless must no longer be allowed to continue. This stigma held against victims of homelessness is dangerously misconstrued, built on the basis of fear, disgust, and alienation. The vicious cycle ends here: today’s young leaders will not be the ones to make the next toss and will not perpetuate this long-held apathy and dangerous indifference.

The Hot Potato Initiative

The Hot Potato Initiative is a youth-led movement created to destigmatize homelessness & rally everyday Canadians to take action.

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The Hot Potato Initiative is legally incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia. Our non-profit number is S0066891.

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